|Body & Beyond|

A photographic portrait as part of your process. Reflecting together on transformation.



The period after a cancer diagnosis brings about a process of transformation. For the body and for you as a person. Between yourself and those around you.

In whirlwind of treatment and insecurity, I invite you to pause to reflect on what this change means and what it can look like. Take time to reflect upon what is changing

From my background in psychotherapy I work with gentle techniques of presence, meditation, or movement in each session.

With Body and Beyond I would like to accompany you through this time of unpredictable change. The guidance is provided through the experience of the session itself, of the photos as a tangible result, the moments of reflection that have been built up around the photo session. I also want to offer you and your loved ones a tangible reminder of this intense time in your life.

Work Method

I feel that it is important to properly accompany every session both during the photo shoot and in a pre- and post-session meeting / consultation.

During an initial consultation (free of obligation) we look at your wishes and needs together, which approach suits you best, which aspects are important, and we choose the right / best location together.

A valuable extra option is to view and edit the photos together.


Individual session or with partner

A session in nature or at your home, or in whatever location you prefer . A pre-interview and post-interview session are included.

Set of 4 individual / partner sessions

A series of four sessions of key moments during the treatment period.

Choosing a series makes the process more tangible and there is more room for integration.

In this way the sessions can really become a trajectory. Here too, tailor-made pre- and post-shoot consultations are included.

Further options include a Day in the Life report, a parent-child session.

Photography or conversations / consultations can always be booked separately.

Prices from 380 euros including conversations / consultations.